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Don’t be fooled with all the marketing hype put out by the big boys. The best homes are built by skilled and committed builders who take pride in their work from the start of the job to handover – and beyond. Our panel of builders meet that criteria to the hilt.

So when you buy a house and land package through New Home Shop, you can be sure the home has been carefully considered for the specific lot to ensure the best aspect of light, orientation and functionality.

Most important, it hasn’t been produced by a multitude of casual tradies. It will have been overseen and crafted by the same people from start to finish, with pride.

Important Information for Potential Purchasers

Before you buy a home or vacant residential land, you should be aware of a range of issues that may affect that property and impose restrictions or obligations on you, if you buy it. This checklist aims to help you identify whether any of these issues will affect you. The questions are a starting point only and you may need to seek professional advice to answer some of them.

The following page contains links to organisations and web pages that can help you learn more.

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House and Land Packages

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