NHS Real Estate is a multi-faceted organization involving a number of key disciplines.On the one hand it deals with the standard services presented by accredited real estate agencies. By offering property re-sales and lease management it “closes the loop” on the residential life cycle provided by NHS, with marketing and sales, build, lease management and re-sale able to be offered in-house.


Beyond general property sales and management, NHS Real Estate’s true strength and heritage lies in the field of Project Marketing for developers. Be it an extensive  land sub-division or a multi-storey residential development NHS Real Estate has the experience, expertise and resources to take real estate projects successfully to market.

Services within the Project Marketing sphere include:

• analysis of, and recommendation for, best use of the project to deliver the maximum available profitability

– research the end user

– recommend best mix of product

– recommend design of product

• creating the vision for the project

– visual theme and branding

– full marketing concept

– creation of all marketing collateral

– providing online presence

• providing a ‘sales” environment and resource

– procurement and fitout of sales display facility

– provide sales representation

Director of NHS Real Estate is Adam De Pasquale, a third generation of his family to achieve success within the real estate industry. Adam has gained experience in many roles dealing in all aspects of the trade – residential, commercial and industrial in key disciplines of sales, marketing and feasibility analysis.This expertise delivers a platform of knowledge to provide considered advice to developers from identifying any potential risks through to yield maximization and even finance options.


Adam’s extensive networks work to the benefit both of developers and a select core of investors who – once the project has been fully analysed – may be invited to contribute finance to a project on the basis of a higher than expected return.


Supporting Adam is a dedicated team of professionals who only have one goal in mind – client satisfaction.