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We Offer Powerful Project Marketing Services For Residential Developments

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As a fully licenced real estate agency

New Home Shop also provides the standard services presented by accredited real estate agencies. By offering property re-sales and lease management it “closes the loop” on the residential life cycle provided by NHS, with marketing and sales, build, lease management and re-sale able to be offered in-house.

Beyond general property sales and management, New Home Shop’s true strength and heritage lies in the field of Project Marketing for developers. Be it an extensive land sub-division or a multi-storey residential development New Home Shop has the experience, expertise and resources to take real estate projects successfully to market.

Services within the Project Marketing sphere include: • analysis of, and recommendation for, best use of the project to deliver the maximum available profitability – research the end user – recommend best mix of product – recommend design of product • creating the vision for the project – visual theme and branding – full marketing concept – creation of all marketing collateral – providing online presence • providing a ‘sales” environment and resource – procurement and fit-out of sales display facility – provide sales representation