What Makes Us Different


• Direct client access (if required) to the head of the company (no meaningless discussions with people who can’t make a decision!)

• Limited number of builds per annum (allows time to focus properly on each job)

• Friendly, flexible, professional approach (let’s all enjoy the process – with confidence!)

• Fixed Price contracts - we can provide 100% surety of a price (no unhappy surprises down the track!)

These points of difference represent a world of change from the more impersonal, inflexible approach of other residential building companies.

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Beyond these points, we offer:


We care. Too often we hear of people having horrible experiences when building their home. We really want our clients to be delighted with not only the end result but the experience along the way. It’s the right way to do it!


We pride ourselves in flexibility. This means that whilst we have an extensive collection of designs, we are also happy to custom design your home from scratch.
Alternately we can build to your existing plans – which ever works for you!


Site costs are a common complaint we hear about where some building companies slug clients with hefty charges under the guise of site costs.
Yes – every lot is different and some require significant work to get them to a point where a build can commence. But tens of thousands of dollars in site costs on what appear to be comparatively flat blocks appears to us over the top.
We take the time to fully explain site costs to you and have you understand the what, why and how much of your block. You will have confidence in your quote and not be left wondering why you are paying any site cost fees.


As an added level of comfort for our customers, we arrange for an independent building inspection to be conducted after critical stages of the building process have been completed. This ensures that we are delivering the quality of build that our customers deserve.


Beyond your ability to speak to your site supervisor at any time, we provide a fortnightly update during the course of the build to keep you completely up to date with its progress.
Our aim is “no surprises” for you – or us!


Whilst we are far from the most expensive builder, neither do we aim to be the cheapest. We offer a professional, end-to-end experience and a quality, value for money result.


We conduct ourselves with a level of pride in our service and commitment to our clients. Referral is our major source of new business and that’s just the way we want to keep it.