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Ensure Your Largest Investment is 100% Legally Yours

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It's only truly yours if the paperwork is completed accurately and completely

New Home Shop offers a conveyancing service to ensure that what you contract for, you get!

Our independent Conveyancing team can assure you that all work is handled with utmost care. Your property transfer will proceed smoothly and be completed with the highest degree of professionalism and attention.

We can assist you with the following services:


  • Vacant land
  • Off the plan properties
  • Properties affected by Strata, Stratum or Company Share
  • Car parks and storage cages
  • Commercial property such as shop, factory or office

We will assist with:

  • Meeting the agreed settlement date as per the Contract. This will include liaising with your chosen mortgagee.
  • Preparation of relevant paperwork associated in receiving your entitled benefits, such as First Home Owner grants, stamp duty exemptions and other concessions.


Residential and Commercial:

  • Private Sales
  • Auctions
  • Off-the-Plan

We will ensure:

  • Fast delivery of the Contract of Sale together with the Section 32 Vendor Statements (24-48 Hour turnaround)
  • Auction contracts are produced and delivered well in advance of the scheduled auction date (Properties affected by an Owners Corporation can take up to ten working days to be available from the day of which it is requested).
  • The advice that you need before you sell your property in order to have a stress-free experience. Full Unrestricted Conveyancing Licence 000789L, as defined by the Conveyancer’s Act 2006.