First Home Buyers

Being a potential first home buyer can be nerve-racking. Size and location of the home, going into debt for potentially decades, is it the right decision when you could rent, or stay at home with your parents?


All these considerations (and more!) make it one of the most significant things you will do in your life.


One of the more important opportunities is to potentially set yourself up with an asset which will prove not only a happy home, but an astute investment in the years ahead.


New Home Shop is particularly attuned to first home buyers. We have a range of designs which allow for homes on large or smaller blocks of land. Our inclusion lists offer great flexibility meaning you don’t have to take “all or nothing” and can complete some of the items after the build when you are ready.


We also have access to land across metropolitan Melbourne and beyond.


Finally we have all the services under one roof such that you can get ALL the information in one place including establishing your entitlement to the first home buyer grant.


This flexibility and range of services allows us to cater for virtually any budget such that you can confidently enter the housing market on your terms and with no surprises.


New Home Shop also offers a “Buy Back Guarantee” which provides an insurance policy should your circumstances change between signing the house contract and the time your land titles. Click here for further details.

For further information about the first home buyers grant click here